TOEFL+SSAT, 知名高中申请前课







录取高中:Lawrence Academy,Colorado Rocky Mountain School

LawrenceAcademy:Welcome from the Head of School

Welcome to LA’s Web site!

Getting to know the three students on our home page (and they change periodically, so come back to meet others) should help you understand some of the ideas that we value at Lawrence Academy—and the ways in which we believe we are different from other boarding schools that also champion excellence in all areas of school life.

Let me highlight one important point: We believe that the person primarily responsible for everything that happens to you is the person you see in the mirror every day. That's why nothing really happens on our home page unless you make the first move-until you literally grab a student and move him or her along their career path at LA and learn how our students do not stand still by limiting themselves to one activity they already do well.

Our school culture has encouraged them to take risks and try new things, and along the way many discover new talents. Likewise, our teachers will support you with extra help and inspire you with their creativity and dedication, and you will learn that our students, too, will help you. (One recent example of a student intiative supported by teachers can be found on our Web page devoted to sustainability.)

Ultimately, you the student are responsible for understanding more every day about yourself and the subjects and skills necessary to succeed in school and beyond. Students quickly learn that if their methods for learning aren't working at LA, it's time to ask for new ones. That kind of decision will bring you one step closer to taking responsibility for the person you want to become and to the success you seek.

It's your move. Look around the site and then call us with your questions. If you are ready to "learn from others to think for yourself," then call to set up a campus visit and find out for yourself why so many students are smiling.