PhD in Nuclear Engineering--NC State University

课程名称:Doctor of Philosophy in Nuclear Engineering

授予学位:博士学位 (Doctoral)
授予机构:NC State University
学院:College of Engineering, Department of Nuclear Engineering


The Ph.D. degree is primarily a research degree that represents attainment of a high degree of scholarship in a special field. The course program for the Ph.D. is designed to give every student a general background in fundamental areas of nuclear engineering and advanced knowledge in a selected area of research and in other subjects as dictated by the student's interests and career needs. At the end of one year of study, the student appears for a comprehensive written qualifying examination based on subject matter regarded as the core of nuclear engineering.


Grade Point Average (GPA) in previous academic programs: 3.0/4.0.Graduate Record Examination (GRE) ,scores:Verbal:450, Quant : 680, Analytical: 4.5.Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) score: Listening: 15 points, Reading: 20 points, Writing: 20 points, Speaking : 20 points, Computer-based TOEFL scores must be 233 or higher .Letters of recommendation from three individuals